DELVE into the world of bloom

Painting the canvas of vibrancy, comes the allure of Bloom. With petals that bring joy, it invites you to embrace life's simple pleasures and immerse yourself in a sea of optimism. This perfume is a celebration of happiness, with enchanting notes of Lotus, Rose and Lily working in perfect harmony.

Complemented by the underlining tones of woody Musk and sparkling Osmanthus, it transports you to the golden glow of a summer's sunset.

Distilled in this fragrance, it perfectly captures the sparkling nature of flowers soaked in warm sunshine, setting the senses high on happiness.

How to USE

Apply to dry skin, around neck and palm pulse points. For the best scent experience, take a deep breath to soak in the mind-soothing notes.

Active ingredients

Antioxidant Jojoba Oil, contains natural Vitamin E that nourishes the skin.


Consistency similar to lip balms. The fragrance melts with your body scent, so it smells uniquely differently on everyone.