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Scents that influence Emotions

Scents that influence Emotions

life's too short for boring scents.

ours make you feel good.

Exhale Doubt.

Inhale Possibilities.

We first started Osmoú to create products that help people feel better, confident, and happier. Since then, we have evolved to create fragrances that smell good and feel amazing.

The power of scents is often overlooked as a sensory medium in achieving emotional balance.

When people buy fragrances, they usually think about how good it smells, not how certain ingredients affect their moods. We want to change that.

Super Scents.

Confidence never smelled so good.

Our ingredients were carefully selected to create fragrances that balances emotional wellbeing. We literally make good feelings.

In Bloom, the combination of leading notes - Osmanthus, Lotus, Rose, Lily, Musk, blends together perfectly to leave you feeling light on your feet and filled with optimism.

In Spring, the distinct notes of Lemon, Green Tea, Pear, Bergamot and Amber combine to form a citrusy scent that keeps you refreshed and ready to face the day.

Each product is alchemically blended with natural ingredients, supported by the skin-loving Jojoba Oil that is packed with antioxidant Vitamin E.



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Functional fragrances, with specific ingredients designed for different emotions


Fresh, Fruity, Floral. A new expression of happiness..


Citrusy, Sweet, Floral. Focus on the important things.


Your first step toward emotional senses.

Everything we do at Osmoú is about elevating one's sense of positive emotions. It's about incorporating smells into your daily routine, wearing fragrances for yourself rather than others, and setting the tone for the day.