DELVE into the world of SPRING

This gentle and intimate formulation fills the senses with the fruity smells of a familiar feeling. Spring evokes the calming atmosphere of an awakening garden where birds hum and the wind gently eases you along the journey.

The Spring perfume balm by Osmoú captures this essence by the harmonious notes of Pear and Bergamot intertwined with premium Green Tea extracts, and Sicilian Lemon. This solid fragrance recreates the rich and sophisticated smell of nature with notes of carefully extracted oriental Amber.

The fruity, fresh and aromatic notes is a capsule of the uplifting yet subtle ambiance of nature's hidden gem.

How to USE

Apply to dry skin, around neck and palm pulse points. For the best scent experience, take a deep breath to soak in the mind-soothing notes.

Active ingredients

Antioxidant Jojoba Oil, contains natural Vitamin E that nourishes the skin.


Consistency similar to lip balms. The fragrance melts with your body scent, so it smells differently on everyone.